Winner's Bracket              
Appleton, WI(1)             
Fri 6:30PM CarneyBoy/S2N12           
Copps  (9)           
Kafka13Sat 8:00AM CarneyBoy/S2N10         
Stratford, WI Copps  (25)         
  Altoona, WI            
Smoke Dogs/Coliseum/11  Sat 6:00PM CarneyBoy/S2N       
Fond du Lac, WI(2)  Copps  (37)       
Fri 6:30PM Smoke Dogs/Coliseum/0           
Fritsch  (10)           
Revolution 5Sat 8:00AM Pops/Spiderz/CIA6         
Hudson, WI Fritsch            
  Deforest , WI            
One Job5    Sat 10:00PM      
Madison, WI(3)    Fritsch  (43)     
Fri 7:30PM Buck and Beams/Misfi5           
Copps  (11)           
Buck and Beams/Misfi9Sat 9:00AM EC Syndicate/Pizza D10         
Cameron , WI Copps  (26)         
  EC Syndicate/Pizza D19           
  Eau Claire, WI            
F18  Sat 6:00PM YG        
Hudson , WI(4)  Fritsch          
Fri 7:30PM Long Shot13           
Fritsch  (12)           
Long Shot11Sat 9:00AM YG 11         
Janesville, WI Fritsch            
  YG 18           
  Milwaukee , WI     Sat 11:00PM      
Grassland15      Copps    
Greenwood , WI(5)         (46)   
Fri 8:30PM Grassland4           
Copps  (13)           
Close Call2Sat 10:00AM Not Justa Cafe14         
Black River Falls , WI Copps  (27)         
  Not Justa Cafe15           
  New Richmond, WI            
Premo Guys20  Sat 7:00PM Not Justa Cafe       
Hammond, WI(6)  Copps  (38)       
Fri 8:30PM Old Crow12           
Fritsch  (14)      Sun 2:30PM  
Old Crow21Sat 10:00AM Show Bombs7    Copps  (47) 
Sobieski, WI Fritsch            
  Show Bombs22           
  Arpin, WI            
Gameday Supply/ Bron12    Sun 10:00PM      
LaCrosse , WI(7)    Copps        
Fri 9:30PM Big Dummies/Palermos14           
Fritsch  (15)        Sun 4:00PM 
Big Dummies/Palermos22Sat 11:00AM Roostertail Bar & Gr15      Copps  
Richfield, WI Copps  (28)         
  Roostertail Bar & Gr15           
  Mondovi, WI            
Witch Doctors/S2N23  Sat 7:00PM Roostertail Bar & Gr     
Madison, WI(8)  Fritsch     Winner 45    
Fri 9:30PM Witch Doctors/S2N17           
Copps  (16)           
Sick Evolved2Sat 11:00AM Witch Doctors/S2N5       
Madison, WI Fritsch         Loser 46  
  MC Improvements8        If 1st Loss  
  New Berlin, WI            
Loser's Bracket              
Close Call1             
Loser 5(17)             
Sat 1:30PM Close Call0         
Copps  (29)    Loser 37(41)     
Loser 9              
  Sat 8:00PM Premo Guys         
  Copps  (33)         
Premo Guys1             
Loser 6(18)             
Sat 1:30PM Premo Guys1Sun 8:30AM Sun 11:30AM    
Fritsch   Copps  (39)Copps  (44)   
Smoke Dogs/Coli0             
Loser 10              
    Witch Doctors/S         
    Loser 28          
Gameday Supply/0             
Loser 7(19)             
Sat 2:30PM Buck and Beams/Misfi0  Sun 10:30AM      
Copps  (30)  Copps        
Buck and Beams/1             
Loser 11              
  Sat 8:00PM Long Shot         
  Fritsch  (34)         
Sick Evolved0             
Loser 8(20)             
Sat 2:30PM Long Shot1Sun 8:30AM   Sun 12:30PM  
Fritsch   Fritsch     Fritsch  (45) 
Long Shot1             
Loser 12              
    Show Bombs         
    Loser 27          
Loser 1(21)             
Sat 3:30PM Grassland1         
Copps  (31)    Loser 38(42)     
Loser 13              
  Sat 9:00PM Grassland         
  Copps  (35)         
Revolution 1             
Loser 2(22)             
Sat 3:30PM Revolution 0Sun 9:30AM Sun 11:30AM Sun 1:30PM 
Fritsch   Copps  (40)Fritsch   Copps Winner to
Old Crow0            Game 46
Loser 14              
    EC Syndicate/Pi         
    Loser 26          
One Job1             
Loser 3(23)             
Sat 4:30PM One Job12  Sun 10:30AM      
Copps  (32)  Fritsch        
Big Dummies/Pal0             
Loser 15              
  Sat 9:00PM F1         
  Fritsch  (36)         
Loser 4(24)             
Sat 5:00PM F113Sun 9:30AM      
Fritsch   Fritsch       Loser 43  
MC Improvements0             
Loser 16              
    Loser 25