Station to Station (2019)

Community, State: Owatonna, MN
In Season Class: D
New Class:
Division: MSP
Points: 60
Roster Approval: Approved
National Berths:
Record vs Teams: 0 - 2


Name City State Age Rating
Chad Bahe Owatonna MN 46 E
Lee Bauer Austin MN 22 D
David Boyd Owatonna MN 31 E
Connor Getchell Blooming Prairie MN 21 D
Zach Haberman Owatonna MN 24 D
Brandon Hager Owatonna MN 27 D
Nathan Hager Owatonna MN 27 D
Jonathon Halvorson Owatonna MN 33 E
Josh Hammill Owatonna MN 36 E
Erik Huxford St. Clair MN 33 D
Dustin Miller Owatonna MN 38 D
John Miller Morristown MN 40 E
Mike Nasby Northfield MN 33 D
Ryan Shepherd Hollandale MN 35 E
Benjamin Snyder Waseca MN 21 D

Tournament Games

Tournament Winner Score Loser Score
40th Annual Corkys Early Bird D Owatonna MN Brew Crew 13 Station to Station 3
40th Annual Corkys Early Bird D Owatonna Kato Bombers 20 Station to Station 7